ECOTECH offers continuous emission monitoring systems, large or small volume air samplers, calibration gas dilution systems, zero air generators, data acquisition systems, a software suite Validation collection and reporting.
  • Complete solutions
  • Use of proven technologies
  • Integrated remote access and control systems
  • Development of tailor-made solutions
  • Experience as a designer, manufacturer, laboratory and maintenance department


The analyzers of the new SERINUS range allow the analysis of O3, CO, CO2, NOx, NH3, H2S, SO2, TRS, and TS gases in ambient air.
SERINUS analyzers were designed with the experience acquired as an operator of many air quality monitoring networks.
Guaranteed for 2 years, SERINUS analyzers allow simple remote access and are easily connectable (bluetooth interfaces, USB, RS232, 4-20mA).
Calibration solutions (dilution systems, zero air generator) allow for fully automatic calibration and can be remotely configured.

Measured gases, ranges and technologies used:
Gaz Measuring range Technology
NO, NO2 , NOx, Nh3 0 - 20 ppm Chimiluminescence
SO2 , TS, TS 0 - 20 ppm Fluorescence
O3 0 - 20 ppm Non-dispersive UV absorption
CO 0 - 200 ppm NDIR Gas Correlation Filter
CO2 0 - 3000 ppm NDIR Gas Correlation Filter
H2S 0 - 2 ppm Conversion to SO2 and Fluorescence


The GASCAL 1100 Dilution System uses state-of-the-art technologies to simply and efficiently control calibration gas dilution. It can be connected simultaneously to 4 standard bottles, for precise dilution with dilution gas, in order to generate a wide range of configurable concentrations by the user.


The SERIE 8301 zero air generators are designed for the supply of zero air (contaminant free) to dilution systems such as the GASCAL 1100. They include a compressed air source, a permeation dryer, and an assembly Of filters chosen according to the application in order to provide a dry and clean gas


The ECOTECH suspended particle samplers allow the extraction of particles for many applications and in particular the collection of PM10, PM2,5 or TSP.
These stations integrate advanced programmable functions, efficient flow control systems and the measurement of basic meteorological parameters.


WINAQMS allows for the retrieval, archiving and processing of data.
It allows advanced remote control of ECOTECH analyzers and many other manufacturers.
US EPA (EQOA-0809-187)
EN (Sira MC 100165/02)
Australian Standard: AS 3580.6.1-2011
Ecotech is an Australian company certified ISO9001 / 14001/17025 with more than 35 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of ambient air monitoring systems worldwide.
Ecotech now operates the largest network of ambient air quality monitoring systems in the Southern Hemisphere, with more than 180 monitoring systems.
Ecotech offers a wide range of ambient air quality monitoring systems, continuous emission monitoring systems, high and low volume air samplers, calibration gas dilution systems, generators Zero Air, Data Acquisition Systems, Software Suite for Data Collection and Validation Collection.
Ecotech has supplied more than 1000 ambient air analyzers and thousands of products used in emission control systems worldwide.