AANDERRAA meteorological stations are adapted to remote sites and to difficult conditions such as extreme temperatures. In particular, they can be installed without power supply.
  • High performance measurement for use in harsh environments
  • Quasi-zero maintenance
  • Modular, lightweight and robust structure
  • Very simple and fast assembly
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Protection against lightning
  • Automatic data communication
Wind speed and gusts Pressure Relative humidity
Wind direction Visibility Radiation
Air temperature Duration of sunshine Pluviometry
Pavement parameters Water parameters  
Internal storage on 10 selectable time intervals GSM
UHF / VHF radio transmission in real time GPRS
Satellite communication systems Argos, Inmarsat, Orbcomm, Iridium
Autonomous meteorological station Marine and port traffic
Road safety Defense
Shipbuilding Etc.
AANDERAA DATA INSTRUMENT AS (AADI) is a Norwegian company founded more than 40 years ago, specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of sensors, instruments and measuring systems to monitor environmental phenomena. Exporting more than 80% of their products and services worldwide, AADI is now the leader in several of its markets. The main fields of activity are maritime transport, petrochemicals, aquaculture, road construction, environmental and scientific research. With their expertise in instrumentation development, AADI teams enjoy an excellent reputation among universities, research centers, government agencies, and exploration and industrial companies. NEREIDES has been an official AADI distributor in France for more than 35 years.