AANDERAA DATA INSTRUMENT AS (AADI) is a Norwegian company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of sensors, instruments and measurement systems for monitoring environmental phenomena. Exporting more than 80% of their products and services worldwide, AADI is today the market leader in several of its markets. The main fields of activity are maritime transport, petrochemicals, aquaculture, road construction, as well as environmental and scientific research. AADI’s instrumentation development skills have earned them an excellent reputation with universities, research centres, government agencies, exploration companies and industry. NEREIDES has been distributing AADI in France for over 45 years.

Station Météo

AANDERRAA weather stations are suitable for remote locations and difficult conditions such as extreme temperatures. In particular, they can be installed without any power supply.
– High performance measurement for use in challenging environments
– Virtually no maintenance necessary
– Modular, lightweight and robust design
– Very simple and quick assembling
– Low power consumption
– Lightning protected
– Automatic data communication


Road monitoring
Naval vessels