Water quality analysis stations

The monitoring of watercourses and coastal areas requires continuous monitoring of the quality of water in the natural environment and industrial discharges. NEREIDES offers tailor-made water quality analysis stations, adapted to all types of environment, to measure and monitor in real time the quality of the water in natural environment, in retention basin and on industrial sites.
  • Customized systems
  • Mastery of installations in difficult environment
  • Experience in instrumentation integration and communication


Systems of measurement of physicochemical parameters embarked on autonomous buoys with radio communication.


Multi-parameter water quality monitoring stations, with automatic sampler and alarms.
Dissolved Oxygen PH Hydrocarbons
Temperature MY Weather
Turbidity Conductivity Other parameters on request
Communication Radio Cartography Radio remote control Writing specifications
GSM communication Maintenance Samples Instrumentation consulting
Installation Manufacture of supports Instrumentation study Industrialization of prototypes
Custom solution development Development of autonomous energy solution
Monitoring and alert of accidental pollution Control of oxygenation networks
Control of sanitation and storm drainage thresholds Study of eutrophication phenomena
Ecological Balance Monitoring Etc.