AADI instrumented measuring platforms and buoys are comprehensive and scalable aquatic scientific measurement solutions. Designed using modern technologies, they allow to measure and record a large number of physicochemical parameters.
  • High flexibility (up to 25 sensors)
  • Significant energy and storage autonomy/li>
  • Quasi-zero maintenance
  • Very simple and fast assembly
  • Accurate and fast multi-parameter tracking
  • User-friendly visualization software
  • Resistance to harsh environments and Fouling


The Seaguard® is a recording measuring platform, supplied with a pressurized container. The system can be equipped with a wide range of sensors. Simply connect the sensors to the top of the instrument or to a "String" measuring line so that they are automatically detected and recognized.

The Seaguard can collect information from many sensors and offers the user the option to configure the instrument. In addition to the standard parameters, this instrument can integrate the functions of current meter (Doppler), current profiler (RDCP), measurement of wave height, etc. It is then simple to carry out many measurements with a single device.


The AADI DB4700 buoy is a system for measuring and collecting meteorological parameters (wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure, sunshine, visibility, ...), and oceanographic (speed, direction and current profiler, temperature, salinity, turbidity , ...). This unique buoy can accommodate a large number of sensors depending on the needs of the study.

It can be installed in river, estuary or at sea. It is autonomous and requires very little maintenance, and can be deployed over very long periods without maintenance. Information can be retrieved live or stored in memory, depending on the application.
Turbidity Conductivity
Swell Dissolved Oxygen
Temperature Wave Height
Current Current Profile
Pressure Etc.
Internal storage on 10 selectable time intervals Satellite Argos
UHF / VHF radio transmission in real time Satellite Inmarsat
GSM Satellite OrbCom
GPRS Iridium satellite
Aquaculture Submarine works Defense Environmental measures
Research Oil exploration Industry Etc.
AANDERAA DATA INSTRUMENT AS (AADI) is a Norwegian company founded more than 40 years ago, specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of sensors, instruments and measuring systems to monitor environmental phenomena . Exporting more than 80% of their products and services worldwide, AADI is now the leader in several of its markets. The main fields of activity are maritime transport, petrochemicals, aquaculture, road construction, environmental and scientific research. With their expertise in instrumentation development, AADI teams enjoy an excellent reputation among universities, research centers, government agencies, and exploration and industrial companies. NEREIDES has been an official AADI distributor in France for more than 35 years.